RAVN Watches is History and Design merging in order to make TIME matter.


The first Faroese watch brand was launched on a dark and cold winter evening in December 2016, inspiring great excitement at the jewellery and watch store, Nomi Smykkur og Ur, in Tórshavn. Beer and wine bottles flowed freely, food had been prepared and the watches were displayed. Among the many speeches, the Minister of Trade and Industry expressed his enthusiastic congratulations on this new business venture, and wished Ravn Watches the best of luck in the future. The brand had become a reality.

RAVN Watches is the first watch brand from The Faroe Islands – an ageless and unspoiled group of 18 islands steeped in history – hidden in the middle of the vast Atlantic Ocean between Norway and Iceland – also identified as “the last paradise on earth”.
Niels Lassen Arge is the man behind RAVN Watches.


Niels qualified as an optician in 1991, and a talent for crafting runs in his family. His great grandfather was an excellent goldsmith and watchmaker and owner of a jewellery and watch shop in Tórshavn. In 1959 he was commissioned to design and handcraft a set of silver jewellery for the Faroese national costume, which Crown Princess Margrethe of Denmark received as a gift and wore, when the royal family visited the Faroe Islands.


In 2008 Niels and his wife, Nomi, opened their first jewellery and watch shop and optical practice. Therefore it is probably no coincidens that the couple ventured into their watch adventure.

Each watch in the RAVN Watches series embodies a unique narrative from The Faroe Islands.


Although not religious, Niels was baptized, confirmed and married in Tórshavn Cathedral. But it was the aesthetic and architectural elements of the church, that fascinated Niels the most. In the Faroe Islands, churches are of great importance to the Faroese people. There were two that especially captured the mind – the Tórshavn Cathedral and the Magnus Cathedral.


The cathedral in Tórshavn has always been there since it was built in 1788, and has always had the same shape and colour. The church tower, with its distinctive feature, is a special landmark for Tórshavn. It is very prominent and is featured on almost every photograph of Tórshavn. So it was decided to make the clock in the church tower wearable and put it in the watch, and use the pattern in the celestial ceiling inside the cathedral on the dial.


The Magnus cathedral is fascinating, because it is the oldest and most magnificent ancient monument in the The Faroe Islands. That’s why it was important for me to include elements of this cathedral in some of the designs. The numerals on the dial replicate the windows in the monument.


It is all about getting the right dimensions in place and therefore a lot of work and thought goes into each watch. The quality of the watch is of utmost importance, which is why the watches are in stainless steel with sapphire glass and Swiss-made and Swiss movements.

The reasons for our thoughts that the brand name RAVN Watches was well suited for the vision of the brand is because the word ”ravn” means ”raven” in English. And because The Faroe Islands has a rich birdlife, and we see many places and streets named after birds, we found it suitable to use a bird name.


The saying is, that the Faroese raven is special compared to ravens elsewhere in the world. An interesting detail is that Ravens are especially attracted to shiny objects. Furthermore the raven is also one of the brightest animals in the world.


The vision behind the RAVN Watches is for the nations to be submerged in TIME from The Faroe Islands.