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The first watch brand from Faroe Islands

Niels Lassen Arge is the man behind RAVN WATCHES.


Niels qualified as an optician in 1991, and a talent for crafting runs in his family. His great grandfather was an excellent goldsmith and watchmaker and owner of a jewellery and watch shop in Tórshavn. In 1959 he was commissioned to design and handcraft a set of silver jewellery for the Faroese national costume, which Crown Princess Margrethe of Denmark received as a gift and wore, when the royal family visited the Faroe Islands.


It is all about getting the right dimensions in place and therefore a lot of work and thought goes into each watch. The quality of the watch is of utmost importance, which is why we made the decision to construct the watches with sapphire glass and Swiss-made movements.

Each watch tells an unique story